About us career craft consultancy

Career craft Consultancy is a boutique firm of experienced industry professionals who bring their combined extensive experience and passion in advising organizations operating in India address their talent and business needs.

Career craft Consultancy is providing Executive Research, Junior and Middle Management Search solutions for a wide range of industries and functions; we specialize in sourcing, assessing and placing exceptional talent that fits our client’s culture and business strategy.



confidence & trust

We look at these as the foundations of highly successful business relationships and we deliver on this promise as we work with our clients in a partnership approach with a high degree of result-orientation.

Extensive corporate experience (both domestic and international) and passion for excellence

We believe our experience of having worked in world-class companies helps us understand the business context and our client’s needs accurately. This translates into high-impact output and results that are visibly world-class.

Highly networked group that ensures superior quality of delivery.

Our networks allow us up to tap for talent and business solutions across industries and geographies. We are abreast of latest industry trends and developments, which ensure superior quality of service and delivery